Near and There; Glimpses from a Fleeting World

These foreboding landscapes and portraits of children are placed together to emphasize the subjects’ qualities of uncertainty, fragility, and resiliency. We

have wrought an uncertain future for our children, one where humans will likely become an endangered species. Our selfish lack of action on behalf other species may become the undoing of our own. I hope the vulnerability and strength of the two subjects begin to align and make visible ideas of our collective dangers and challenges.

I want you to act as if the house was on fire, because it is. ~ Greta Thunberg, from her 2019 World Economic Forum speech


While walking, we see and are seen, we engage ourselves with our neighborhoods, pause to notice bits of the world we may otherwise not, and we experience the world at the human pace. These images were made amidst the communities and social rituals of others in an attempt to embrace a slower pace and a more communal spirit. As a Midwestern American, I too often travel by car, missing so much as I go. These images are made during rare and distant opportunities to immerse myself in the minutia of my surroundings, to see and be seen, and to navigate the world at a more appreciative pace. I photograph in Italian and Spanish historic town centers where walking is the primary mode of transportation and daily visual experience and expression is everywhere emphasized. Through the context and tradition of strolling through historic streets, I observe my global contemporaries and record visual fragments of our combined cultures.


My search for poetic associations between place and experience is facilitated through my fascination with the photographic object. A photograph as image, memento, and referent to absence is physically touched by the past yet allows for a new experience through the photographic object. Photographs as tangible evidence/residue from events, experiences, relationships, and places offer me the ability to associate the specifics of the past with image/objects. That layering of characteristics inherent in the photographic object provides the basis of my approach to image-making. By using the specifics that photographs can render, I attempt to connect places and ideas through visual associations.